30 Minutes Reiki Crystal Healing Voucher


Discover tranquility in the city’s heart with Sophie’s reiki crystal healing.


Her “30-Minute Reiki healing in London Voucher” is the perfect respite, blending Reiki and healing with the serene energy of Reiki crystal healing. Gift this experience of balance and rejuvenation to someone special.

In Sophie’s studio, every healing session is a personalized journey, guiding the recipient towards inner harmony. Sophie’s gentle touch clears energy blockages, detoxifies, and promotes a state of equilibrium, embodying the essence of Reiki for healing.

Elevate a loved one’s wellbeing in just half an hour. Sophie’s Reiki touch is a gift of peace and healing, waiting to be shared.

Step into a realm of holistic healing with our 50-minute Crystal Healing With Reiki session, a perfect sanctuary to rebalance and rejuvenate your energy in person with UK’s leading Reiki Master Sophie Elliott!

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