50 Minutes Crystal Reiki Healing Voucher​ (Remote Healing)


Elevate a loved one’s well-being with Sophie’s 50-minute crystal reiki healing voucher for distance Reiki healing.


This remote session harnesses the synergistic energies of Reiki healing crystals to facilitate a powerful connection that transcends physical space.

With a focus on holistic harmony, Sophie combines the principles of reiki distant healing and reiki crystal healing to craft a deeply personalized energy work session. It’s an invitation to a healing journey that nourishes deeply, balances energetically, and restores vitality.

Note: This crystal reiki healing voucher grants access to a transformative reiki crystal healing experience, delivering peace and rejuvenation no matter the miles apart.

Enhance your well-being journey with our 30-minute Reiki Distance Healing Voucher, a serene escape into energy healing crafted by UK’s premier Reiki Master Sophie Elliott.

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