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Welcome to Sophie's community of reiki healing energies and transformation. Explore Sophie the reiki healing energies master's diverse range of services, each designed to offer healing, growth, and transformation.

During the reiki session with Sophie, we believe in the power of holistic healing energies and the profound impact it can have on your life. My sanctuary is a haven for those seeking balance, peace, and rejuvenation in both body and spirit. With a heart-centered approach, Sophie offers a range of personalized services designed to nurture your well-being, catalyze your personal growth, and unlock your full potential.

healing energies
Sophie is professional , caring and kind and listens to your needs in fact she is one of the best Reiki practitioners I have used my reiki was tailored to all I shared in my chat / consultation with. Lots of love and light 

Lorraine S

Enhanced Benefits of Reiki Sessions:


Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief:

Reiki healing energies promotes a profound sense of relaxation that goes beyond the immediate aftermath of a session. With regular sessions, individuals may find a sustained decrease in stress levels, helping to mitigate the effects of chronic stress and promoting a more balanced state of being.


Emotional Cleansing and Balance:

Reiki healing energies can facilitate deeper emotional healing, helping to release trapped or suppressed emotions. This cleansing process can lead to improved emotional balance and stability, reducing the incidence of mood swings, anxiety, and depression.


Enhanced Mental Clarity and Focus:

Through the calming effect on the mind, regular Reiki healing energies sessions can enhance mental clarity and focus. This benefit is particularly valuable in today’s fast-paced world, where constant distractions can lead to a scattered mind.


Improved Sleep Patterns:

Individuals who receive Reiki healing energies regularly often report improved sleep quality. The deep relaxation achieved during Reiki sessions can help resolve patterns of insomnia, leading to more restful and rejuvenating sleep.


Pain Reduction and Management:

The healing energies transmitted during Reiki sessions can target physical pain, reducing its intensity and frequency. This makes Reiki a valuable complementary approach for those dealing with chronic pain conditions.


Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment:

Regular engagement with Reiki healing energies can open pathways to spiritual growth, offering insights into personal and universal questions. This spiritual connection can foster a sense of peace, purpose, and connection to a higher power or the universe.


Enhanced Self-Healing Capacities:

Reiki healing energies helps to activate and strengthen the body’s own healing capabilities. Over time, individuals may find that they are not only healing faster but also developing a stronger resilience against disease and imbalance.

Reiki Healing Energies Services


Energy Healing

Crystal Reiki and Chakra Healing are holistic healing modalities that combine the use of crystals and Reiki energy healing techniques to promote balance and well-being on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.


Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a transformative practice that gently guides participants through a series of relaxation techniques and visualizations, facilitating a deep sense of calmness and harmony within.


Teaching Meditation

Reiki teaching meditation is a transformative journey that empowers you to cultivate a daily practice of healing. Through expert guidance, you’ll learn Reiki techniques to channel life force energy for self-healing & balance.


What Clients Are Saying

healing energies
Sophie is so lovely and calming was an amazing experience she made me feel super relaxed and welcome would recommendz


healing energies
As a practitioner , I seldome have work done on myself. Sophie has Such Angelic, Authentic Energy! I was still holding on to healing energies from a past long intimate relationship and after my session with Sophie, something shifted! I felt a significant release from the past and lightness which helped me to now romance my future

Elizabeth AKA Sedona Silk 

healing energies
Sophie has a real gift 🎁 and the most powerful healing hands my experience of her Reiki healing energies session blue my mind. She works from a peaceful relaxed atmosphere such a tranquil experience and also works with crystals placing them over areas of your body for extra protection , strength , warmth and healing ❤‍🩹 as she moved around my body there was a lot of heat coming of Her hands .

Lorraine S

raki healing
Sophie was able to offer my mum a caring and reassuring reiki session towards her end of life. My mum, experiencing huge anxiety and distress, felt calm, less anxious and peaceful for days after her treatment. I'll always be thankful to you for that Sophie.

Angela E

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