Who's Sophie?

The Reiki Healing Master

I'm Sophie, and my life journey has been a profound transformation. I've weathered emotional storms and sought meaning in life's ebbs and flows, ultimately realizing it was a disconnection from my spiritual essence causing these imbalances.

My path took a remarkable turn when I embraced spiritual retreats and the world of healing. I overhauled my habits, social circles, and experienced a profound renewal.

During the initial lockdown, alone in my London flat, consumed by fear, I deepened my spiritual practice and discovered Reiki through a Reiki crystals energy healing. I fell in love with Reiki crystals energy, its ability to release suppressed emotions, and the lightness it brought.

Having benefited from numerous Reiki sessions, I became a Reiki crystals healing master to share this profound healing. I work intuitively, attuned to Reiki Master level. Reiki crystals harmonizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms, offering relief from stress, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and pain, promoting holistic peace and balance.

Experience the magic of Remote Reiki. Whether near or far, I transmit healing energy effectively. We’ll connect over Zoom or a video call for a pre-session consultation, ensuring your comfort. Find a cozy spot to relax—lying down or comfortably seated—to immerse yourself in Reiki’s beautiful energy.

reiki crystals

Reiki Crystals Healing with Sophie

Within the nurturing embrace of Sophie’s energy healing sessions, you’ll have the golden opportunity to forge a deep connection with your higher self and spirit guides, opening the door to profound inner insights and receiving expertly personalized guidance to illuminate your unique life path.

The Power Of Crystals

At their core, crystals are structured in a way that allows them to resonate with energy frequencies. When a Reiki practitioner introduces a crystal into a healing session, the crystal's natural resonance can amplify the Reiki energy, making the session more potent

Each crystal has an affinity with specific chakras or energy centers in the body. By placing the appropriate crystal on or near a chakra, a Reiki practitioner can more effectively channel energy to that area, ensuring a balanced flow of energy throughout the body.

Reiki crystals have the ability to store energy. When charged with Reiki energy, they can retain this healing vibration for extended periods. This means that the benefits of a Reiki session can be prolonged by giving the recipient a charged crystal to keep with them.

Crystals & Reiki: A Synergy Of Healing Energies!

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