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The spiritual significance for Spring is the planting of new seeds, or manifesting your desires and dreams. But remember, your manifestations won’t come to fruition if you do not believe they will. The spirit of Eagle Medicine is associated with the Spring season because it’s the energy of trust. A return to sun-kissed days, lighter foods and more time in nature makes spring a season to celebrate. A time for rebirth and renewal, rekindling our deep connection with Mother Earth and Longer days and sultry sunset nights, and laughter and adventure is upon us. It’s time to embrace it all.

Spring morning Ritual

Maybe through winter you have felt sluggish or having that extra hour in bed an listening to your body needing more rest you have let the morning ritual slip away slightly, now that the mornings are lighter and having a new spring in your step, harness the magic of the morning, by beginning days with a steady routing of rituals, and setting a clear intention for the day ensures that each day embraces the gifts of self love and self care. What we do every day counts more than what we do every once in awhile. When simple acts of self care become habit, we catalyze change. Focus less on the end goals and more on on the acts that serve you daily. This is when true transformation happens.

Waking up

First things first, even before coffee, I set the mood in the room. I turn on my humidifier as well as my essential oil diffuser. I really believe in the power of smells and essential oils can really invigorate your senses. They fill the room with freshness, help me wake up even more, and are really helpful in getting into the right mindset and mood. I love peppermint for a cold fresh breeze, sweet orange or tangerine for a sweet, spicy energy boost, or lemongrass for a fresh, earthy, invigorating smell. Nowadays, I’m starting to experiment with blending them as well, citrus and mint oils.

I do a little prayer to connect and harmonise with my higher power, you may call it God, the universe, but Souce is simply the unlimited flow of divine energy. When we align our own energy with Souce, we enter a state of flow and grace. We tap into the resource when our intentions are clear and our motivations are pure. I then do some morning stretched or light yoga and finish with a quick meditation, I usually do a transcendental meditation for 10-20 minutes or a powerful energy cleanse one on YouTube. I write down 10 things I’m grateful for, and really tap into the feelings of gratitude in my heart, instead of just doing it like a tick list, that can happen when you do it for a long time. And setting my intention for the day ahead of how I want to show up aland thinking of what I can pack into the stream of life.

Doing a crystal cleaning meditation to move forward into the new Season can bring forth rejuvenating energy and a motivated mindset.

Crystal Healing for Spring Rejuvenation

Crystal healing is about penetrating a person’s deepest energetic layers to find the medicine they hold within. Working with crystal healing helps nurture people through emotional trauma and being supported through your raw and human experiences, towards your ultimate healing.

Chakra balance protocol

Healing outcomes: Balance. Cleansing. Refreshment. Alignment. Relaxation. Peace.

Crystal Placement:

  • Earth: Hematite
  • Crown:Selenite
  • Third Eye:Suglite
  • Throat:Sodalite
  • Heart:Rose Quartz
  • Solar Plexus: Citrine
  • Sacral: Carnelian
  • Root: Smoky Quartz

The Healing

The intention of this layout is to provide energetic healing that is very well balanced and also to bring the qualities of alignment, cleansing, and relaxation to all levels of being. This is not a crystal healing aimed at triggering an intense emotional response. It is instead a beautifully calming layout to bring a deeply calming effect on the energetic system.

Selenite at the Crown Chakra works to bring balance to the astral energies and bring alignment in a downward flowing direction through all the chakras. It clears away any negative programming and thoughts, replacing these with calmness and openness. This helps us tap into our connection to the Divine, so messages and inspiration can flow freely and be able to move forward with more clarity.

Sugilite at the Third Eye Chakra instills an even deeper sense of calm and tranquility. Sugilite brings spiritual and unconditional love through the crown and down to the base chakra by infusing the body with light, aligning all the chakras as it goes. Slowing down busy thoughts, it works with Selenite to enhance intuition and wisdom.eading

Using Sodalite at the Throat Chakra helps open and support self-expression, communication, and clarity. It also works to cleanse this area and open the pathways of connection between the Heart and Third Eye Chakras. This helps us to understand and transform our emotional truth into a higher, intuitive vibration.

At the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz brings gentle love that transcends the physical world, pouring into your life and washing over you. It softly penetrates the deepest emotional layers to reveal our highest potential for forgiveness and love. Citrine on the Solar Plexus Chakra can help restore balance by clearing away negative energy and promoting a more outgoing attitude, increasing confidence and feelings of personal power. At the lower Chakras, using a cleansing combination of Smoky Quartz and Carnelian helps release any blocked or toxic energy and bring balance and healing to the lower spine and digestive system.

The magnetic force of Hematite at the Earth Chakra pulls this blockage downwards and out of the body for release.

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